Admission Requirements

Applicants complete the following requirements to be considered for admission.

The application cycle for May 2024 is now CLOSED.
Application cycle for May 2025 will open in mid-July.

1. A bachelor’s degree must be earned by the end of the semester prior to planned ACHE OT enrollment. If courses are in progress at the time of application, the final official transcript showing completion of all coursework and degree conferred must be received no later than 2 months after the start of the program. A bachelor’s degree must be completed through a regionally accredited college/university recognized by the US Department of Education.

    • All official transcripts, including coursework currently in progress, must be submitted through OTCAS as part of the application verification process (OTCAS available, beginning mid-July).
    • ACHE OT does not have set minimum GPA requirements. Applicants are reviewed through a holistic admission process, taking into consideration all factors indicating an applicant is a fit for the ACHE OT mission. However, applicants should realize competition dictates that most students will have an overall GPA >3.5 and prerequisite GPA >3.0. These standards reflect a greater opportunity for success with the curriculum and national board examination.

2. Complete all prerequisite coursework.*
These basic requirements must be taken for credit and passed at a college or university accredited by a regional accrediting body that is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. All prerequisite coursework must be completed within 10 years of application. Advanced placement for prerequisite coursework, credit for experiential learning, and prerequisite work experience is not accepted.

*Prerequisite Coursework

DisciplineHours Required
Sociology or Anthropology3 credit hours
Abnormal Psychology3 credit hours
Lifespan Development/Developmental Psychology +3 credit hours
Statistics3 credit hours
Anatomy and Physiology (with lab)8 credit hours
Medical Terminology1 credit hour
Total21 credit hours

+ Must cover entire lifespan.

3. Submit two letters of recommendation from a faculty member, current employer, occupational therapist, or other person knowledgeable of the applicant’s character and abilities. Family members are not permitted.

4. Complete the online application through OTCAS; available mid-July.

These are general requirements. Please refer to the specific deadlines in the appropriate application checklist.

Application Process

Step 1: Submit OTCAS Application

The official OTCAS application is available online at otcas.liaisoncas.com.

Application cycle for May 2025 will open in mid-July.

Step 2: Interview

After ACHE OT receives all materials, the applicant’s file is reviewed to determine eligibility for an interview based on the established criteria of the ACHE OT Admissions Committee.  If the application is found to be competitive, an invitation to interview may be extended.  In addition to the on-site interview, the applicant will:

  • Compose a brief essay on a topic provided
  • Engage in dialogue with faculty, staff, and students
  • Tour ACHE facilities
Step 3: Admission Decision

ACHE OT operates on a rolling admission basis and begins offering seats after the first interview date. Generally, you will receive your decision approximately 2 weeks from your interview.

Transfer Students & Transfer Credits

ACHE OT accepts transfer applicants in rare circumstances and this is determined on a case-by-case basis. The following are minimal requirements: a) transfer applicants must be currently enrolled in an accredited occupational therapy program, b) transfer applicants must be passing all courses at the time of transfer and be in good standing with their current occupational therapy program, c) transfer applicants must provide a written statement outlining reasons for the request for transfer to the ACHE OT dean and must be eligible for continuing or readmission at the current occupational therapy program, d) transfer applicants must have a letter of recommendation from the dean, vice dean or senior associate deans of the prior college attended. Decisions regarding transfer are made by the dean in consultation with the ACHE OT admissions and curriculum committees and will be based on factors including academic record, circumstances leading to the transfer request, available space, and admission standards.

There is no automatic transfer of graduate credit; students must seek approval for course transfer credit. Course(s) being reviewed for transfer of credit must: a) be from a USDE approved institution, b) reflect the content and instructional delivery comparable to the ACHE OT course(s), c) course must be taken within the past 3 years with an earned grade of no less than a “B”. Meeting the minimum guidelines does not ensure course(s) will be accepted for transfer credit. The ACHE OT dean has the final decision. Students wishing to transfer credits should be prepared to submit course syllabi. Course(s)/credit(s) will be reviewed by ACHE OT Curriculum Committee, with the dean making the final determination based on committee recommendation. Arkansas Colleges of Health Education (ACHE) transcripts will reflect the cumulative credit hours transferred from the previous graduate school.

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